Wednesday, October 21, 2009

packing for a trip

Getting ready to pack for a 4..5...6 day trip. Hubby can not make up his mind.The leaves should be at optimum "beautifullness". What to pack? Long sleeves? short sleeves? Usually I simplify by taking everything I own that is not in the laundry. Digging through a suitcase whilst standing on my head induces vertigo, so I simply pitch it all into an oversized laundry basket. Complications arise only when husband and I share some items...shampoo...toothbrush charger...etc. Hurricane in a basket. Well as they say it is the journey which counts not the destination. I am off now to throw "stuff" in Hillbilly luggage. This is my very first blog post. I type about 5 words per minute and have not the vaguest idea how to set up paragraphs. Anyone who reads this, please be kind! Any and all help graciously accepted.


  1. When posting you have the option of using edit html or compose. Click on compose and you will be able to type just like you would in Word. Just hit enter and you get a new paragraph. Want to insert a link, then use the link button. Same for images, but they will always load at the top so you have to think backwards with images.

    Video clips can be tricky. It's easier if you do that in "edit html" paste teh code directly in where you want it.

    If you have more ? let me know. (BTW this is @PuriChristos on twitter)

  2. Congrats on your new blog.
    You will get the hang of it!
    It took me months to be able to upload a youtube video, and months to be able to post a picture...Just play with it and have fun. TWSS!

  3. Yeah for new blog! Keep on blogging, it gets easier over time. Nice to see you here!

    Shannon (Bubblewench)

  4. Well done, It's a daunting thing to do! Started mine earlier this year without a clue, but it all falls into place eventually. I still don't know half of the technical stuff I should, but I figure it isn't a beauty contest, it's just saying what's on your mind, or getting stuff off of your chest. Keep it going, there is always plenty to say, and plenty of people willing to listen, or should I say read! looking forward to more! Ooh, should say I'm on Twitter as @living_autism.